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JBC Active Sports – Mini Gear Guide

JBC Active Sports – Mini Gear Guide

From Portland with Action Sports love.

Malea O’Neill, JBC Active Lifestyles Recruiting Manager, shares her Mini Gear Guide-

It’s been a long winter, no doubt! But that doesn’t stop us passionate, crazed Pacific North Westerner’s from going going going! From muddy trail runs, to steep and deep up on Timberline Glacier or finding your way to Heather Canyon doing some turns in the double blacks…we’re all still finding our way outdoors.

Let’s not forget the “fixies” for those who call them such, the single gear speed bikes all over this hip city and the long boards rolling out on all-paved trails. Let’s gaze at the SUP (stand up paddlers) enjoying the early morning stillness of the rivers, lakes and the ocean and those finding themselves commuting on skateboards they’ve had since ‘91.

From good coffee and deep roasts from the French press to independent roasters and a phenomenal variety of micro-brews, this area of the world has it all – healthy, good, active, fun living!

If you’re going to be out and about in the elements, you need to be sure you’re geared up and ready to go! Design and materials really comes down to one main detail – performance. What is the shoe, shirt, jacket, short or outerwear piece meant to do? How will it perform?

The materials, design and development phase of each piece you’re wearing is fascinating. For all of us out using these products, it’s extremely important to find a balance between performance, fit and feel.

The below items are HOT on the market right now and they also happen to be a few of my personal favorites:

BROOKS RUNNING: “Cascadia 7” A dream trail running shoe…my absolute and personal favorite! Stable, comfortable, reliable and lightweight. $110







THE NORTH FACE:Verto Jacket” Athlete’s pick! Versatile, sexy, stylish and performs amazingly well. $120









LINE SKIS:Sir Francis Bacon” Sick, sick, skis…quick and easily adaptable whether you’re on the corduroy or knee deep in powder. $649.95











SECTOR 9: “Drifter Complete” Can’t go wrong with this kickin’ long board that’s sure to make it a comfortable ride.$199

For Portland residents and anyone else – when the clouds, rain, wind and sleet get you down…just remember what makes it all better…great coffee, great beer and KEEPING YOUR BODY MOVING!

We have many open opportunities within the Active Lifestyles, Action Sports space. From Footwear Designers, to Apparel Designers, PLM’s, PM’s and Sports and Athlete Marketing Managers.

Email maleaoneill@jbcstyle.com for more details and follow @JBCActive for updates and hot jobs in the action sports industry.