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HavetoHave is free, and you have to have it. Why? Imagine going to any e-c0mmerce website you love, clicking on an item you either want, wish you had, or plan to gift, and having it. . . appear magically in one, streamlined profile page.

A registry for your life, style.

Online guru Mashable is impressed, and MyCyberStyle gives it a humorous, albeit irreverent write-up here. Here is why we love it:

1) Every item that catches your eye on any site online can be stored in ONE PLACE.

2) You can create lists from the benign to the useful to the ‘weird as you want to be style’: Christmas Shopping, Back To School Shopping, Stuff No Boyfriend Should Ever Buy His Girlfriend, Stuff I Would Wear If I Was A Dog. You get it. The uses are awesome and endless.

3) They email you if an item on your list goes on sale. Seriously.

4) Think of the time you will save once the guesswork is taken out of shopping for family and friends. . . simply go on their page and buy them what they want.

5) Follow trendsetters you love and see what they are buying.

Can we mention one more time that it’s FREE? And that you get to advertise your personal website or brand / product site’s url underneath your profile page? Free press, smart shopping, time saved. Check out Have to Have Founder Carla Holtze on TechCrunch.

What’s not to love style?