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Hairstyle Inspiration a la Pinterest

Hairstyle Inspiration a la Pinterest

From outfits to recipes, Pinterest is a one stop shop if you’re looking to be inspired. Between the fashion finds, the footwear fetishes and the quirky little photos, one can also find an abundance of gorgeously unique hairstyles. We chose some our favorites for summer:

Beachy Waves: Nothing says summer like a head full of loose, beachy waves. This style will make you want to throw on a bikini and get your sexy on seaside!










Ponytail with a Twist: With summer temperatures reaching record highs, there’s no better way to combine style and function like a sweet little ponytail with an edgy twist.










Bright Tips: Looking for a style that will show off your inner rocker? Try some brightly dipped tips in multiple colors from cotton candy pink to electric blue.









Loose Waves: Few looks envelope a sensuous summer night the way the ombré effect does. Style in big, loose waves for dimension.








Fishtail Braid: Our readers’ choice; the fishtail braid is the preferred alternative to the basic side braid. It’s easier than it looks and anyone can pull it off. Need a demonstration? Lauren Conrad’s YouTube tutorial is highly recommended.

Get hooked on Pinterest and find your own faves… it’s one addiction we guarantee no one will judge you for!