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Guide to Spring – The Hidden Wedge High-top Sneaker

Guide to Spring – The Hidden Wedge High-top Sneaker

Traditional high-top sneakers have no place on the runway; there’s nothing special about them.  In steps innovation to introduce the sneaker-wedge combination that is determined to stand out with the help of one small-but-huge detail – the wedge is hidden.

The hidden wedge sneaker adds glamour and sleek elevation to the otherwise boring high-top sneaker.

There’s some controversy regarding who was the first to come up with the idea; but at this point, when almost every style has sold out before even hitting the shelves, we guess it really doesn’t matter as long as they’re on your feet this spring.

Our favorite celebrities have been seen strolling around in their hidden wedge high-top sneakers too.  To the left, Miranda Kerr steps out in style.

Straight from our stylish Melissa, who brought you last week’s spring eyewear guide, comes a list of the hottest names in the hidden wedge high-top sneaker game.

She’s already got her pair on hold and we suggest you do the same.

Hidden Wedge High-top Sneakers - Spring 2012