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Gucci Celebrates 60 Years of Style

Gucci Celebrates 60 Years of Style

Gucci celebrates 60 years of flawless style this year, and in honor of their iconic horsebit loafer, they are releasing new versions of the classic loafer in an eclectic assortment of colors and textures.

The style, which has graced the feet of Fred Astaire, Madonna, Sophia Loren, and John Wayne, was introduced by the fashion house in 1953 and has since become a timeless piece of luxury. Patent leather, suede, crocodile, and calf hair versions featuring a “1953 Collection 60th Anniversary” tag are available on gucci.com.

In addition to the collection, the anniversary is being celebrated across Gucci’s social media platforms including their Facebook page and Twitter account. The hashtag #Gucci1953HorsebitLoafer categorizes pictures of the icons who have worn the loafer over the years as well as the start to finish construction process.

A YouTube video prompting fans to “kick up your feet and celebrate 60 years of all the right moves” shows a 21st century take on the anniversary; fans of the preppy staple can even find their perfect pair with the “What loafer are you?” style quiz.

Check out a few of our favorites in a variety of colors and patterns that are perfect for spring.