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Get Katniss Everdeen’s Braid

Get Katniss Everdeen’s Braid

Let the games begin tonight as The Hunger Games makes its public premier at midnight.  We’ve been waiting so patiently for this movie to come out…so with all of this anticipation, why not get all Katniss’d up for this special debut?  We’ve already given you some ideas of what to wear, including wearing the infamous braid Katniss’ mother does for her before the reaping.  Watch our recruiter, Amanda, and stylist, Chelsea, as they recreate the look:

1. Start with hair fully brushed out, maybe even curled a little (if you have straight hair)

2. Choose which side you’d like the braid to lay on and start at the opposite side.  Section out 3 smallish pieces of hair to begin.











3.  You can do this two ways…you can have the braid closer to your head by crossing the pieces over, or you can do a ‘pop out’ style (Dutch) French braid by crossing them under.  We chose to do this the Dutch way.











4.  Keep your hand steady and the pieces kept taut as you trace your head diagonally from your starting point.  When your arm starts to feel uncomfortable, switch sides and continue the braid down to your neck.











5. Finish your braid off, leave about 1-2″ of hair at the base and tie off with a thin band or hair tie.











6.  Loosen up the braid by lightly tugging at it all over.  Pull lightly at the front sides to loosen up some strands and make it look messy like Katniss’ braid.  Then go outside and get your wilderness on!











Go Team Katniss!  Have fun tonight at the movie…