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Gap 1969: Rosella Giuliani’s Brave New World

Gap 1969: Rosella Giuliani’s Brave New World

Gap 1969 went “We the people” democracy style today, and we have to hand it to Creative Director Rosella Giuliani for giving blue jeans a political voice. The campaign will feature real people, and the overarching drive will be to bring the brand – not just the peeps who rock the jeans, but also the designers, the creative team. . . the thought process behind the jean.

We’re not above getting a little nostalgic and thinking back to that first store Doris and Don Fisher opened on Ocean Avenue, San Fran style. . .

But when we watch the Fall 2011 Ad Campaign Overview, no one is going to argue. . . you’ve come long way, baby.

Newly hired Creative Director Giuliani puts it all out there – a company launched in 2009, a new creative office in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, and now a Fall 2011 campaign that keeps it real, faded true blue style. They’re going to dominate the cyber waves – Hulu and Pandora style, but let’s not forget they are Gap. . .fold-out print ads in Vogue to boot, and a Facebook profile picture featuring the L.A. denim studio’s actual buzzer, party at our house style. Goes without saying there’s an iPhone app.

The models, remember, are real people – including members of the Gap team – and our personal favorite: Loui, the pit-bull mix, who is quite pleased everyone involved recognizes that embracing dogs in the workplace is iconic Americana, like blue jeans and baseball. They’re a little Springsteen and all about the Born in the USA style.

That’s not to say we’d unanimously choose a hot-dog over a taco. . . over the next two weeks look out for the Pico de Gap (the factory also happens to be located at West Pico Boulevard) van hitting major cities across the nation – tacos and coupons, and rumors of freebies to anyone rocking the Gap label style.

They’re attracting the millennials – 60 million 18-35 year olds in the country (Bloomberg is boss) – and while we’re not sure how cool it is to admit you’re Cool Hunting, the campaign is the brainchild of aforementioned power blog (which admittedly is pretty cool) and Ogilvy and Mather. Details aside, the videos accomplish what they set out to do. . . check out team member Nicole King-Burrough’s story. . . or Jason Ferro’s story. . . 30 videos in total, branding with belief style on the Gap YouTube channel.

Whose not in search of that blue jean, baby queen? Bring it, Gap 1969, Woodstock style. We dig it. Rock on. . .