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Five Seasonal Trends for Summer 2018

Five Seasonal Trends for Summer 2018

Trends continue to come and go, so keeping up with them can be tough. This summer we’ve seen some repeats from the past, some steady trends from Spring, and new trends to explore as well. Here are five trends this season that will keep you refreshed and informed about what’s in so you can perfect your summer wardrobe.


1. Straw Bags

One trend favorite this season is straw bags. Straw bags are a must have this summer. You can find one anywhere from Madewell, Free People, or the Gap. These are available in many different styles that can be useful for many purposes between a work bag or a going-out satchel. Either way, straw bags will bring you a fun and trendy summer look when paired with a wrap dress or gingham jumpsuit!


2. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs or belt bags have been on the rise again, especially after luxury designers such as Gucci and Balenciaga have hopped on the trend. It comes as no surprise that these designer fanny packs are in high demand. Supermodels such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid partake as well, bringing even more awareness to the trend.


3. 90’s Sunglasses

We’ve seen quite a bit of 90’s inspired sunglasses recently. The Hadid sisters’ have shown us that another 90’s trend is on the rise this season. You can find thin octagonal, thick square, or cat-eye shades anywhere from Vogue to Target. These have become an everyday accessory must have.


4. Prints

Prints are a trend that continue to make a presence in the everyday fashion world. This summer we’ve seen a lot of topical, gingham, and floral prints. Layering prints seems to be popular this season as well. If you can perfect a polka dotted top over floral pants you’re ready for the summer.


5. Bright Colors

Bright colors such as yellow, pink and blue have become the new colors to look out for this summer. Whether it’s a knee length dress, work blazer, or a pair of trousers; bright colors have become a must have statement piece.


Whether you’re investing in a new fanny pack, or mastering the print on print look; there’s room for imagination and creativity with your wardrobe this summer. These trends can help you emphasize your style, and we hope you incorporate some of them into your wardrobe!


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