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Experiment With Rorschach

Experiment With Rorschach

The Rorschach test (German pronunciation: [ˈʁoːɐʃax]), also known as the Rorschach inkblot test, the Rorschach technique, or simply the inkblot test is a psychological test in which the subject’s perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both.








Perhaps the fashion industry is on a mission to subliminally con us into buying the Rorschach-inspired pieces, or maybe this is just a new flux in textile design.  Either way, we’ve recently noticed a huge wave of clothing donning inkblot reminiscent designs.  From clear mirrored images and water color blotches to more abstract designs, fashion is taking a cue from Swiss Freudian Psychiatry.  Look into these pieces…what do you see?


Scarf Print Navy Sheer Blouse

This sheer number offers an elaborate, regal feel with its gold and white swirling details and royal blue shade.











Valley Clothing Rorschach Limited Edition

Keep it soft and dreamy in this basic tee with a fluffy pink, purple and blue inkblot cloud as its graphic.



















Prabal Gurung Printed Wool and Silk Blend Shorts

If you love a good statement piece, these designer shorts will certainly turn heads.

















oBaz Rorschach T

Although not entirely symmetrical, this black and white loose fitting tee has a very inky, liquid design and asymmetrical cut that adds interest.











Pixie Market Horse Carousel Dress

Making mirrored images playful, this shift dress features a more youthful and detailed Rorschach inspired design.














Shakuhachi Damask Jumpsuit

What better way to be daring with than to sport a jumpsuit replete with a stark black and white kaleidoscopic design?














Clover Canyon Resort 2012

With a boxier shape, dimension is accentuated with floral and symmetrical details.

















Josh Goot Rainbow Fossil Cocktail Dress

You’ll have everyone staring at this dress, not merely for the psychological appeal, but for serious styling analytical reasons.















Helmut Lang Cicadae Printed Modal Top

Your outfit will scream “on trend”  and every will notice your wild side in this drapey Helmut Lang top.














For Him:

Alexander McQueen Petrol Feather Trousers

Maybe we’ll never know what a guy is really thinking, but these McQueen trousers are truly mind blowing.















ASOS BLACK Printed Tank

For those who want the aesthetic appeal of Rorschach without being too obvious, this tank is for you.