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Countdown to The Hunger Games

Countdown to The Hunger Games

With the imminent debut of the long awaited “Hunger Games” movie this Thursday at midnight…there is a ton of hype and anticipation going around. We’ve been keeping up with Capitol Couture and Jennifer Lawrence’s golden goddess gown at the premier, but what about us? What are we going to wear to our own HG viewing parties? Here are some of our favorite accessories, tees and styling ideas to get you in the spirit:

1. “Real/Not Real” Necklace ($18.50) – This double sided necklace is a token of Peeta’s love for Katniss and telling of the future in the series….









2. “Love Changed the Game” Hoodie ($28) – This thermal black and gold hoodie will keep you warm when you’re waiting in line for the best seats in the house.











3. Peeta’s Pearl Antique Brass Locket Necklace ($21) – If you don’t want to wear a large graphic HG tee, wear this tiny antique locket that holds a keepsake of Peeta’s love.









4. Parachute Pearl Necklace ($29.95) – A sign of hope in the arena, wear this pendant for good fortune.









5. Cinna Said I Should Wear This Button ($1.70) – This clever little saying is for all of those in favor of Cinna’s fashion advice…which should be all of us.








6. Mockingjay Earrings ($14.99) – This is the quintessential symbol of Team Katniss, so why not wear two!










7. Hunger Games socks ($13.99) – These knee-high socks will keep you warm late night on Thursday, but also could look cute with the mocking jay peeking out of some calf high boots.











8. Team Peeta/Team Gale girl’s tee ($22.50-$26.50) – Which team are you on?  If you’re like us, it’s hard to choose.  But show your support for the lovable bread baker/artist/sensitive one or the hunter/bad boy/freedom fighter with one of these tees.












9. China Glaze ‘Capitol Colours’ Nail Polish Collection ($7 each) – Each of these twelve Hunger Games inspired colors are designed to represent one of the districts.  Wear your favorite one to the premier!











10. The Katniss Braid – Wear this messy French wrap style braid, just like Katniss does throughout the book.










May the odds be ever in your favor!