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Conquering the Blog

Conquering the Blog

Feb 12, 2011 – Amidst the hubbub and bustle of New York Fashion Week, bloggers aplenty have been capturing the stylish scene in the way only a blogger could.  Blogging has made a permanent name for itself in the world of everything…namely, fashion.  So shouldn’t they deserve their own recognition?  Cue the MyHabit.com Bloglovin’ Awards of 2012. And the award goes to…

Newcomer of the Year:  Olivia Palermo











Olivia Palermo is just the cutest thing.  She is one of the most photographed fashion ingenues and always looks flawless and current.

Best Personal Style Blog:  ManRepeller











Leandra Medine, or the ‘ManRepeller’ as she’s coined herself (which is funny since she just recently got engaged to a man)…makes an acceptable mockery out of the fashion industry.  She’s hilarious, witty, and knows all the good digs.

Blogger Business of the Year:  Werelse




Werelse is a trio of international fashion blogging collaboration goodness.  This superblog is comprised of Chiara Ferragni (of The Blonde Salad), Andy Torres (Style Scrapbook) and Carolina Engman (Fashion Squad).  With three, you can’t miss a beat.

Most Original Blog:  FromMeToYou








Jamie Beck is a vintage queen, hailing from NYC.  She is also a damn good photographer.  She melds a perfect world of old and new on her photography blog, FromMeToYou.

Best Fashion News Blog:  Fashionista




Everyone needs a hub of fashion news to cling to at every moment of the day.  Fashionista won because they deserve it.  Covering every rumor, fact, show, new release, and trend…it’s no wonder they took home the award.

Best Street Style Blog:  JakandJilBlog











Tommy Ton is worldly.  Originally from Toronto, this successful photography decided to start his own street style blog in 2005 without looking back, and it’s paying off.  His lens captures the intricacy of a costume and the beauty of the whole spectrum of style.

Best International Blog:  Kenza








This Swede/Moroccan knockout won because she looks ridiculously gorgeous in everything and wears it well.  Kenza is an entrepreneur, what with the blog and her own shoe and clothing collections (Wildflower and Jofama).

Inspiration of the Year:  lefashionimage