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Choose Your Metal: Rose Gold

Choose Your Metal: Rose Gold

It may be the easiest option and feel like the smartest route to go for gold or silver jewelry to accessorize your ensemble for the day or night.  However, rose gold is just as fabulous (if not even more fabulous) and extremely underrated. It seems the fear with rose gold is that people tend to think it doesn’t match with much and it’s harder to coordinate with other accessories.

On the contrary, rose gold looks beautiful mixed with either gold or silver, and adds a very unexpected touch of luxury to the mix. Rose gold pieces take on a soft look and feel, and bring something slightly different to the table. If you do own some rose gold pieces, don’t be fearful of wearing them next time you’re going out. If you don’t own any, it’s definitely something to add to your wardrobe because rose gold jewelry is most certainly worth the investment.

Check out some of our favorite picks below:

1. Watch 2. Ring 3. Cuff 4. Earrings 5. Earrings 6. Ring 7. Necklace