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Chanel – Resort 2013

Chanel – Resort 2013

Versailles, France – Dwellers of the fashion world gathered from near and far in the garden of the Chateau de Versailles for a show that only Mr. Karl Lagerfeld could produce.

Once the home of France’s Sun King, Louis XIV, the waterfalls of the estate were the perfect backdrop for the Chanel 2013 Resort Collection where Mr. Lagerfeld entertained the audience with pieces that inspired an “off with their heads” Victorian feel.

Ever the neutral politician, the timing for the show was ideal as the evening before, François Hollande was sworn in as the first French socialist president in 17 years.  If there wasn’t a reason to celebrate, there is now.

For The Hunger Games fans out there, the collection would have every Capitol citizen, Effie Trinket being the first, in line to purchase the clothes right off the model’s backs!

To begin, the graveled runway burst with the playfulness of eighteenth-century jackets, corseted, ruffly dresses, fichu necklines and pastel patterns.



While we marveled at the detail used in the black and white pieces, it was the airy tiers of fabric enveloped in a shade of mint green that made this dress (far right) really steal the show.


Don’t fret men, the assortment included a little something for you as well. Check out the splashes of old world fantasy seen in the details of these cropped pants suits and also in the suit worn by Mr. Lagerfeld himself.


Chanel Resort 2013 may not be the most ready-to-wear, but its lighthearted charm and distinctive details certainly made it a pleasure to view.