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Carine Roitfeld’s New Magazine Will Debut in September

Carine Roitfeld’s New Magazine Will Debut in September

After resigning from her role as editor-in-chief of French Vogue in January 2011, Carine Roitfeld was back in the job market; but how much farther up can one climb the fashion ladder when it is Vogue being left behind?  Not far.  Unless… she starts her own magazine.

Voila! So it was decided and recently confirmed; Roitfeld’s new magazine will make its first appearance this September.  The name of the magazine is yet to be announced but we do know it will be a bi-annual publication versus monthly and it is being described as a book with an emphasis on “fashion with a lot of freedom.”

Roitfeld is in New York to work on the magazine which will be published by The Visionaire Group (TVG).  New York?  Yes, TVG headquarters are stateside and we couldn’t be happier.  Welcome to NYC Ms. Roitfeld!

If six months is too long of a wait for Roitfeld’s new magazine, her recently released book may be able to fill the void.  Get your hands on Irreverent and experience a visual timeline of Roitfeld’s career in the fashion industry.