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Bryan Zaslow Sails Away: Summit At Sea

Where in the world is Bryan Zaslow? On the coolest cruise we’ve ever heard of … heading to an undisclosed island (he won’t tell us where, and we’re not sure even he knows yet) with 999 other people including Sir Richard Branson, Russell Simmons, and a host of names that have our heads in a tailspin.

We would love to be on a cruise with these guests, too. If Ayn Rand were alive she might agree that Atlas indeed has shrugged, and Galt’s Gulch is not just a literary fantasy.

Founder Elliott Bisnow says simply, “The only currency isn’t money.” A recent article in Forbes Magazine by Steve Bertoni summed up Summit At Sea best, highlighting the [invitation only] attendees as some of the brightest names in business, politics, technology, philanthropy and culture.

Bon voyage, Bryan.