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Bringing Beat to the Big Screen

Bringing Beat to the Big Screen

Whether his books were required high school reading or a literary choice in your soul searching phase, Jack Kerouac has moved readers for decades.  His impulsive and free spirited style immortalized one of America’s most pivotal and exciting times – the Beatnik movement.

Arguably his most popular writing was the 1957 published On The Road…an allegedly semi-autobiographical tale of Jack himself and real life pal, Neal Cassady.  However, the names were thought to be changed upon publication, so we know them as ‘Sal Paradise’ and ‘Dean Moriarty.’  The story follows the two vagabonds through their journeys across middle America and the way their lives, as well as their friendship, change along the way.

To all of you Beat lit lovers, movers, shakers, freedom seekers, and dreamers – On The Road has finally been made into a movie and will be hitting theaters later this year.

Starring strapping young lads Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund as Sal and Dean, with a supporting female role from Kristen Stewart (she’s finally able to don a bit of a tan).  From the feel of the trailer, we think director Walter Salles just might have done this classic justice.



Check out the trailer below: