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#LetFashionMoveYou …

Let Fashion Move You: NYFW ‘18 Here at JBCStyle, we celebrated New York Fashion Week with our biggest and most mobile campaign yet, a fashion-inspired pop up lounge on wheels! (Talk about fashion literally moving you…) We rolled out in our all-glass moving truck to… Continue Reading

Five Seasonal Trends for Summer 2018

Trends continue to come and go, so keeping up with them can be tough. This summer we’ve seen some repeats from the past, some steady trends from Spring, and new trends to explore as well. Here are five trends this season that will keep you refreshed and informed about… Continue Reading

JBCStyle’s Top Interview Tips

Congratulations, you’ve landed that all-important interview! You’re one step closer to your dream job, but you’re probably wondering – what’s next? Don’t stress (as impossible as that sounds right now), because we’re here to share our expert advice on how to prepare… Continue Reading

The Top Fashion News Sources

There’s more to fashion than finding the perfect handbag to complement that amazing dress you snagged for a bargain at the last designer sample sale.  Fashion is a significant industry with a worldwide impact on so many aspects of our daily lives!  Want to stay… Continue Reading

A Holiday of Hope

It’s our favorite time of year here at JBC! We are participating in the 6th Annual Holiday of Hope program at P.S. 306 a Title 1 school in the Bronx. The Holiday of Hope program is put on by the Ira Zaslow Foundation which makes a positive impact to over 1,000… Continue Reading

Acing Your Interview Outfit

Believe it or not your outfit and overall appearance can have a HUGE impact when interviewing. Within the first 30 seconds most interviewers are able to decide whether or not you would be offered the job based on your outfit and appearance. Although fashion trends are… Continue Reading