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Acing Your Next Virtual Interview

With the current remote and distanced world that we are living in, everyone has had to adjust their personal AND professional lifestyles. The present-day social climate has forced businesses to not only be proactive with their adjustments to working from home for now… Continue Reading

Refining Your Resume

Because of the current state of our world, many of us have more time on our hands we know what to do with. Your weekends have said goodbye to brunch, and should start saying hello to getting your personal branding in the place it deserves to be! At JBC, we have a… Continue Reading

Creating Your Digital Portfolio

The current events of the world have moved mass majorities of the workforce to be remote. As we face this time period of adjustment and uncertainty, we’re here to let you know that candidates and clients alike are adapting. Not only is this going to be the new… Continue Reading

You CAN Work from Home! (But You Gotta Put in Work)

We can certainly tell you that when it comes to working from home, there is no “one size fits all” or magic formula that will guarantee success. We asked our remote JBCers, some of whom have been working from home for years, for their best advice based on experience.

The Tech Takeover in Fashion

The fashion industry continues to grow with technology in ways that have changed the way consumers think and purchase. The two have merged together to create a simplicity and personalization that caters to the consumer’s style, budget and interests. Apps have revolutionized the way we shop and browse our favorite trends, and these are just a few of the many that better our conventional ways.

NYC: Fashion & Beauty Events Happening in October

From sample sales and book signings, to collection launches and networking events, there is always something happening in New York City.  Although October may almost be over, we’ve rounded up some fun and exciting events happening now through the end of the month for… Continue Reading