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BITEME Celebrates National Cheesecake Day

BITEME Celebrates National Cheesecake Day

One bite of a BITEME Cheesecake after you’ve tried almost every single type of cupcake ever invented and you’ll start to wonder, “Who needs a cupcake when you got BITEME Cheesecakes?”  That’s how we felt when JBCStyle recruiter, Melissa, got the guys at BITEME Cheesecake to hook the office up with a variety pack.

The only downside, we wanted more!  Desserts don’t stand a chance around this crew!  Think about it, a bite-sized, mini cheesecake that’s all yours.  It’s too small to share, but just enough for you to savor every morsel for yourself.

How it all began – Tyreece Johnson and Justice Hall, co-founders of BITEME, felt something was missing in the dessert game and we agree – there was one too many cupcakes.  Tyreece, a culinary artist and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, and Justice, an art director in the fashion industry, both sharing a love of food and a desire to diversify their dessert options, created BITEME Cheesecakes.


Each cheesecake starts out as a “Classic,” the original BITEME Cheesecake that gets remixed depending on the flavors of the month.  The mouth-watering flavors for July include: Strawberry Balsamic Reduction, Nuts Clustered, Limoncello Meringue, Merlot Compote, Chocolate Lust, Sweet Potato Rum Crunch and Sweet Love.  Yes, these guys like to mix it up so you’ll be a cheesecake connoisseur in no time.

To celebrate National Cheesecake Day on July 30, BITEME is introducing a new flavor and offering 20% off all packages.

Currently, you can order BITEME via their website or stop by the BITEME booth at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg for a chance to meet Tyreece and Justice and try every flavor without the wait.

Photos courtesy of BITEME Cheesecakes.