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Beauty Review: Joey New York

Beauty Review: Joey New York

Joey New York Skincare Collection

Day Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo

What it is: The return of a cult favorite updated to deliver instant results naturally. When skincare expert Joey Chancis first launched Joey New York almost two decades ago, the collection was met with rave reviews. Now Joey returns with a reformulated collection, delivering the same instant results and quick fixes in a healthy new way with the help of one of nature’s most healing, soothing ingredients: Coconut Water.

Renowned around the globe for its hydrating, nourishing and replenishing benefits, Coconut Water is the drink of choice for those in the know. Utilizing breakthrough technology, Joey New York taps the unparalleled benefits of young, tender Green Coconut Water, formulating every product in the new range with the nutrient-packed ingredient. Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, the tropical water is as beneficial for the skin as it is for the body, restoring a healthy youthful glow.

The new line includes six essential products: Bye Bye Blackheads, Correct-A-Line For Face and Eyes, Keep It Up [a rejuvenating face serum for a natural 'facelift'], Day Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo, Line Up [a firming formula which targets lines and wrinkles], and the Peel-Off Masque. Effective formulas and catchy names make for an unbeatable pair.

Where to get it: The revamped Joey New York collection can be purchased online as of June 2012; products retail between $22 and $35.