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Barneys Warehouse Sale – This Year, Skip the Chaos and Shop Online

Barneys Warehouse Sale – This Year, Skip the Chaos and Shop Online

This August, the mother of all sales has something new to offer – and you don’t have to be in New York to experience it.  For the first time ever, the discounted wares of Barneys’ bi-annual warehouse sale can be purchased online.  That’s right, New Yorkers won’t be the only ones who can boast stylish steals at up to 75 percent off.  As much as the average NYC resident despises sharing, the new online option is good news for everyone.

Eager to get their hands on a designer handbag they’ve been coveting or that pair of pumps they’ve been eyeing since they stepped off the runway, shoppers await the arrival of the of the most highly anticipated sale of the season.  When the time comes, the store and the surrounding area, becomes a hectic flurry of shoppers with one thing on their minds -scoring that legendary, elusive deal.

With stories circulating of designer deals to die for, the sale has a history of being fabulous, but fierce.  Since the early 70’s, the colossal event has brought shoppers to the retailer’s Co-op location in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Twice a year the store is transformed, making way for a shopping experience unlike any ordinary day at Barneys.  Women’s clothing envelops the main floor while children’s clothing, home furnishings, and menswear take over the bottom floor culminating in a closet one can only dream of.

While shoppers sift through the heaps of luxe labels, lines of people stretch down the street to join fellow shoppers as they wind through racks and hurriedly try on clothes on the sales floor as a result of the lack of dressing rooms.


So what makes some people brave the sale on multiple occasions during the 12-day event?  Any sale-savvy fashionista will tell you, the prices on big-ticket items tend to be marked down as the sale progresses.  Ah-hah!  Here’s a tip for the fashion first-timers: find a good place to stash that must-have luxury piece and pray it’s still there when you return.  Or, just buy it while it’s in your grasp!

If you’ll be skipping the chaos this year, you can sign up here to preview the deals digitally before the sale begins.  For those who thrive off the adrenaline rush of the actual event, not to worry, the physical sale will still be held in the 18th street location from August 23 to September 3.  May the fiercest fashionista win.

Sad news for our Los Angeles readers: to secure enough product for the online sale, the Los Angeles Barneys warehouse sale is cancelled.  See you online!