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Animal Royalty: High Fashion Meets Rock and Roll

Animal Royalty: High Fashion Meets Rock and Roll

Everyone has a favorite t-shirt, whether we acknowledge it or not.

You know, the really soft one that gets better every time you wear it…

the one you wash only after you’ve worn it at least five times…

the one you would never give up no matter how many holes, rips and/or stains it accrues over time…

that’s the one!

With the notion of the favorite t-shirt in mind, Chloe Mendel, fashion student and daughter of Gilles Mendel of J. Mendel, and Mat Devine, frontman of alternative rock band Kill Hannah, found a way to bring their worlds together and design that t-shirt, and more, for you.

The two met through mutual acquaintances and within moments, they became close friends.  With the launch of Animal Royalty, an expanding lifestyle brand, they became business partners as well.

Together they created the signature Animal Royalty shirt that is destined to be your new, or next favorite t-shirt.  Currently available in white, each shirt features a word or phrase hand-written in black.  Bold, all capital letters reading ‘PETER PAN IS DEAD’ or ‘CULT HERO’ make a statement while provoking your thoughts without being too overwhelming.

Made of lightweight, durable, stretched and pre-washed nylon, each shirt is manufactured in the US.  Inside out stitching details and a unisex design make for a perfect combination of the elements needed to create a t-shirt masterpiece.  The duo spent over a year researching, collecting favorite tees of their own and from their friends and family and compiling all of their findings to create an iconic t-shirt for you.


Animal Royalty isn’t limited to shirts; the collection also includes accessories.  Fur and leather collide to create dangling hip or bag candy in arctic fox, mink or raccoon.  The animal tails come with a carabiner attached with a pewter medallion bearing the Animal Royalty logo.

There’s more to come from Animal Royalty as they have plans for expanding their debut line of shirts and accessories.  The brand is determined to offer their customers the best in quality, function and style.

To purchase Animal Royalty products, visit their online store.  To find out what Animal Royalty is up to, follow them on Twitter.



Photo Credit: Alex Kirzhner Art Credit: Ran Ortner Styling Credit: Izzy Tuauson