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Meet Jesse

Meet Jesse

Name: Jesse Armon

Title: Talent Acquisition Executive

Location: New York City

Recruiting specialty: Retail

I became a recruiter because … I love to sell, I love fashion and I love people. After ten years in retail it felt like the right direction for me. I was right.

Favorite designer: Miuccia Prada

Celebrity crush: Hilary Swank

Favorite place in New York City:  My apartment

Interview horror story: I had an interview with a very well known “Technology Company” who told me I would be perfect for the role if I spent one more year at my job. I started hysterically crying and left. I did not get the job.

Best interview tip: Don’t try to bullshit or outsmart your interviewer.  DON’T LIE!!

Favorite accessory:  My beanies. All of them.

If I could be an animal I would be … A lion. I want to rule the entire jungle.

Dream vacation: My bed with a marathon of Storage Wars and Hardcore Pawn

Sweet or salty: Salty

Fashion or Beauty Tip: I always keep a hat with me as I tend to frizz. You should too.

Favorite item in my closet:  My Louboutins… DUH

Restaurant I would recommend:  Vynl.  It’s thai, it’s gay, it’s great.

Favorite music artist/band:  The Police, Herman’s hermit’s and anything Gavin Degraw (maybe don’t tell everyone that)

Favorite quote: “Life is short… so am I.”