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Janou Pakter, JBCStyle Sister Company, Relaunches Website

Janou Pakter, leading global creative search consultancy relaunches its online presence this week with the rebranding of their website. This project serves as both a clear reaffirmation of the brand’s longstanding reputation for simplicity and elegance along with a decisive commitment to today’s insatiably interactive world.

Preparing the best resume around

Preparing a resume that stands out from the crowd is the only way to avoid the black hole that is our clients Job Application Portals. While our list is extensive, here are a few tips that our expert recruiters at JBCStyle offer to our candidate pool and share with… Continue Reading

How to kick off a new job search

The hardest step to take is that first step. Kicking off a new job search can be scary, overwhelming and intimidating, but there is nothing more rewarding then taking the right first steps and to come out swinging. There is so much guidance out there that speaks to… Continue Reading

How To Lose a Job in One Interview

I have read so many wonderful and not so wonderful articles sharing strategies on how to earn that next job, but in all my years of being a job seeker and all my years of running our 4 search firms, I have not found an article that talked about the taboo topic of how… Continue Reading

Look sharp, Interview sharp

Preparing yourself for an interview is critical and selecting the right look and the right attire is of the utmost importance. While the list can be extensive and highly dependent on the industry and role, here are a few tips that our expert recruiters offer to our… Continue Reading

Interviewing your Interviewer

An interview isn’t just a chance for a company to learn all about you, it’s your opportunity to determine if this is the right next step for your career and a good fit for you. To do that it’s important to be prepared with some strategic questions to both… Continue Reading