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Exhibit A: The forbidden round peg in a square hole

37,147 seamless placements later, we can proudly say we’ve helped find just the right fit at every level, from corporate and creative to retail managers.

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“JBCStyle has always had an amazing turnaround time with bringing ‘grade-A’ candidates to the table. They’ve never had a problem gauging the perfect talent for us.”

Polo Ralph Lauren - Human Resources



“Thank you for bringing newness to recruiting and finding the best talent.”

Robert Graham - Senior Executive


“Our company has a great relationship with JBCStyle. We have been using them for years! Their due diligence is incomparable and has exceeded our expectations from the start. They constantly keep us updated on candidates, and the quality of talent that they possess is outstanding. They always meet the criteria of whatever role we throw their way.”

Tiffany & Co. - Human Resources


“JBCStyle has great follow-up skills, amazing knowledge of the fashion industry and any job you can find within it. Their understanding of our wants and needs are exceptional, along with their constant willingness to listen – you can’t find that kind of touch with most agencies!”

Gap Inc. - Talent Acquisition


“The talent JBCStyle consistently presents is unparalleled, and not something our company would be able to obtain without the help of their team. Our appreciation for their quality service runs deep.”

Burberry - Market Director


“Working with the Style team at JBC has been a great experience. They provide such an array of top talent in an efficient and timely manner. It’s been truly a pleasure working alongside them.”

Havaianas - Human Resources


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We believe that personal relationships are the core of successful staffing. The right match isn’t just about skills and stats—it’s about personality and culture.

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There are many theories why our staff is so dedicated and fun. Some say it’s our dogs in the office or the afternoon yoga sessions. We know it’s about proactive, passionate people.

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